Minister’s Mountain House

The purpose for the Mountain House is to provide a clean, comfortable respite for North Carolina Baptist ministers that support the NC Baptist State Convention to use for prayer, bible study, sermon preparation, and rest.

The Mountain House is a one bedroom, one bath facility.  While a spouse would be welcome to accompany a minister, the house is not designed with families in mind.  There are no sleeping quarters for children.

A minister may stay a minimum of 3 nights, $30 a night (including meals when served); with check in at 3pm on the first day and check out at 10am on the day you leave.   Two additional nights can be reserved for $30 per night with a maximum length of stay of five nights for the total of $150.   Meals may only be taken at the conference center with prior reservations, (if meals are being served).  The Mountain House is available for use by a pastor once every other calendar year.  Reservations are scheduled one year in advance.

For reservations contact Caraway at (336) 629-2374 or by emailing Rose at [email protected].